We are announcing our easy sliding scale payments to replace our scholarship application

Reasons why we are implementing Sliding Scale:

  • Compassion for use of customer and staff time. We can better use staff time to serve youth.
  • Work alongside the community to create trust. 
  • We believe our pARTicipants are the experts of their experiences and it isn’t always evident there are barriers to access.
  • We can still gather information about the barriers our pARTicipants face.

Directions for Self Selection:

  • Choose a tier: You may not meet every criteria of a tier. Please choose the tier you most identify with at this time. 
  • Base it off your current status: We realize that conditions can change different times of the year.
  • Consider giving: During our seasonal fundraisers consider giving at a rate comfortable to you. Right now we are running an ART 4 ALL Fundraiser goal of $4800. Just $4 per month year round for 100 people turns into art supplies and better programs.
  • I would like to pay it forward and help another kid attend camp
  • I have really benefited from Maxtivity programs in the past
  • I want to help sustain programs that would help others have the same experience
  • I want to invest in the future of rural community building and youth art programming
  • I can easily meet the needs and wants of my family
  • I have minimal debt
  • I have comfortable housing/ housing is not a worry for me
  • I am employed or do not have to work to fulfill my needs.
  • I have regular access to healthcare
  • I have financial savings
  • I can easily afford vacations and time off
  • I have some debt but am still able to meet my monthly needs.
  • I own or lease a car or make car payments.
  • I have access to health care, but might be financial stretch.
  • I may have some financial savings or emergency savings.
  • I can buy some wants, like coffee, restaurants, etc.
  • I can buy groceries, but sometimes it is tight and I don’t know if I can make it to the end of the month.
  • I can buy some new clothes and thrift others.
  • I can take an annual vacation without too much of a financial burden.
  • Frequently stress about my financial needs and worry how I will meet them.
  • I have debt (medical, school, etc) and struggle to make payments.
  • I have unstable housing / or rent lower end properties.
  • Have no or limited access to transportation.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I qualify for government assistance like food stamps, and health care.
  • I have no or very limited expendable income.
  • I can not afford to take a vacation or the time off without causing a financial burden.

We understand that paying more than even $50 may be more than some can afford at a time. In this case we can offer extended payments, to be paid over the summer for any tier. It’s easy and automatic.
Email director@maxtivitycreative.space.