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$125 for 10 visits available to pARTicipants Only

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*Youth pARTicipants ages 5-11 need to be in an afterschool club

*All pARTicipants are required updated signed all liability and emergency forms

*Clubs are only available during the calendar school year
*Club Passes can be purchased for use for ALL CLUBS

Questions about classes and programs just call or text 541-714-3443 or email

Explore Studio CLUB

 – Mon/Wed 2:30-5:30 & Fri 12-2:30pm

What is Explore Studio Club and how is it different than Open Studio?

Explore Studio Club is a series of weeks introducing all the stations and possible creations of the studio for youth pARTicipants 5-11 years old. Unlike Open Studio where creators can dabble or jump from same ol’ to same ol’, pARTicipants are learning to master new skills and learn about the history of each art area of the studio: fine arts, STEAM, fiber arts and sewing, crafts, cooking, and more! Unlike supervision of Open Studio, there will be direct sequential instruction in addition to free creative time.

🎨 Explore Studio weekly themes:

  • A Service Project

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Fiber Arts


  • Construction

  • Clay

  • Animation & Digital Arts

  • Recyclable Art, & Sewing

  • And more!


Explore new patterns, growing skills, and making new friends. Machine sewing, hand sewing, and fiber arts. A teacher works with kids one-on-one on their projects. A teacher is present to help kids get further on their projects each week. No prior experience necessary and all abilities welcome.


  • Sew your own stuffed animal
  • Sew a bag
  • Sew a pillowcase
  • Sew a small quilt

ART ADVENTURES - Thursdays 2:30-5:30

Looking for an exciting and enriching afterschool activity for your kids aged 5-11? Look no further! Join our Thursday ART Adventures class, where your child’s imagination takes center stage. Fall is all about DRAWING!!

🎨 What to Expect ART Adventures:

  • Introduction to Lines

  • Basic Shapes

  • Animals

  • Nature

  • Faces and Emotions

  • Still Face

  • Fantasy and Imagination

  • Landscapes

  • Perspective

  • Comics and Cartoons

  • Space and Sci-fi