Summer Camps

Summer camps


Weekly Camps:
Explore Studio Friday Camp
(Fridays 1-4pm) 3 hours x4 Fridays
session 1: 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26 ; session 2: 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23

Creative Career Camp (Ages 11-14)
7 Fridays @ Philomath Library and field trips to local businesses!
7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23
(including Community Party Night 8/26 5:30-7:30pm
and some Sunday Philomath Farmer’s Markets)
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Camps are Mon-Thurs unless noted

Earthy Arts Camp PM
Beginner Sewing Camp AM
Parade Camp PM
Americana Camp PM (Mon-Wed)

Yard Art Camp AM
Yard Art Camp PM

Craft Animals Camp AM
Animations & Paper Puppets Camp PM
Messy Art Camp: Art & Literacy @ the Park PM

Art of Science: Light AM
Friendship Camp: Jokes and Games PM

Art of Science: Star Finders AM
Soft Circuits Sewing Camp PM

Cooking Camp: Breakfast for Dinner Brinner AM
Cooking Camp: Fancy Tea Party PM

Publish your own book AM
Ceramics Camp PM

WEEK 10:
Beginning Sewing AM
Art Around The World Camp PM

WEEK 11:
@ Benton County Historical Society Museum in Philomath
8/26  5:30-7:30pm


Reasons why we are implementing Sliding Scale:

  • Compassion for use of customer and staff time. We can better use staff time to serve youth.
  • Work alongside the community to create trust. 
  • We believe our pARTicipants are the experts of their experiences and it isn’t always evident there are barriers to access.
  • We can still gather information about the barriers our pARTicipants face.

Directions for Self Selection:

  • Choose a tier: You may not meet every criteria of a tier. Please choose the tier you most identify with at this time. 
  • Base it off your current status: We realize that conditions can change different times of the year.
  • Consider giving: During our seasonal fundraisers consider giving at a rate comfortable to you. Right now we are running an ART 4 ALL Fundraiser goal of $4800. Just $4 per month year round for 100 people turns into art supplies and better programs.
  • I would like to pay it forward and help another kid attend camp
  • I have really benefited from Maxtivity programs in the past
  • I want to help sustain programs that would help others have the same experience
  • I want to invest in the future of rural community building and youth art programming
  • I can easily meet the needs and wants of my family
  • I have minimal debt
  • I have comfortable housing/ housing is not a worry for me
  • I am employed or do not have to work to fulfill my needs.
  • I have regular access to healthcare
  • I have financial savings
  • I can easily afford vacations and time off
  • I have some debt but am still able to meet my monthly needs.
  • I own or lease a car or make car payments.
  • I have access to health care, but might be financial stretch.
  • I may have some financial savings or emergency savings.
  • I can buy some wants, like coffee, restaurants, etc.
  • I can buy groceries, but sometimes it is tight and I don’t know if I can make it to the end of the month.
  • I can buy some new clothes and thrift others.
  • I can take an annual vacation without too much of a financial burden.
  • Frequently stress about my financial needs and worry how I will meet them.
  • I have debt (medical, school, etc) and struggle to make payments.
  • I have unstable housing / or rent lower end properties.
  • Have no or limited access to transportation.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I qualify for government assistance like food stamps, and health care.
  • I have no or very limited expendable income.
  • I can not afford to take a vacation or the time off without causing a financial burden.

We understand that paying more than even $50 may be more than some can afford at a time. In this case we can offer extended payments, to be paid over the summer for any tier. It’s easy and automatic.

OnPoint Community Credit Union has funded rural youth for our summer programs, so we highly recommend paying for your level, especially if cost is a barrier. OnPoint Community Credit Union has got it covered.

Creative Careers Camp

In Creative Careers Camp for 11-14yos you will:

  • Meet professionals who use creativity in their everyday jobs
  • Gain workforce experience interviewing, making phone calls, planning, research, and reflection
  • You will help organize and plan the Philomath Farmer’s Market Art Fair with staff
  • Learn skills to start your own business as an entrepreneur
  • Take field trips on the public transit to gain real life experience
  • Visit local area businesses and business professionals
  • Develop awareness of careers in areas and industries in Oregon

What You Need to Know

1. WEATHER/RAIN- Please have campers wear sunscreen for camp and outdoor days. We do not apply sunscreen for campers at this time. Please wear a protective rain gear if there is rain.

2. WATER BOTTLE- please bring a labeled water bottle.

3. LUNCH IS NOT PROVIDED- please bring packed lunch if you are in the AM session OR PM session. It is easy to walk over to the Clemens Primary School for lunch at 12pm.

4. SNACKS PROVIDED- snacks will be provided. If you have allergies we need to know about, please alert us as soon as possible.

5. PICK UP/DROP OFF- Please allow time to park and sign in. The window may be more congested for parking along the street.

6. FORMS- If you have not picked up your forms or filled out forms in 2023, there will be copies available in the studio. We require all general liability, communicable diseases, and photo release forms be completed once per year. They are now included in the registration process.

7. DOORS OPEN/CLOSE- Our doors will open 10 min before camp. Please allow staff to prepare for the day by coming prepared and waiting until the doors are unlocked. Doors will close at 10 min after camp. 

8. LATE PICK UP – Late pick up is issued $10/15 min period. Please call if you will be late. 

9. EXTENDED CARE- no extended care is offered.

10. LOST & FOUND- We will hold on to lost and found items for 30 days.

11. REFUND POLICY – We do not provide refunds if you miss a camp. We can refund a camp if given 72 hours notice before the first day of camp.