Mission & Motivation

We were created to be creative, it is what makes us uniquely human.

— Claudia Hall, Art Teacher at Linus Pauling


Maxtivity provides inclusive access to creative opportunities through an organized and well-equipped arts and crafts community space. We strive to provide educational outreach, programs, and community projects, as well as focus on underserved schools and community centers so all youth and adults can engage in creative discoveries in Benton County and outlying communities.



What started as a dream to provide art classes to children for our Executive Director Lori Paul, evolved into a vision of art for all. This stems from a core belief that each of us are unique, made by a Creator who loves us. Since we are each individual works of art ourselves, it naturally follows that making and creating are deeply embedded into our being. We all have inherent worth and deserve to experience the joy of creating.

Maxtivity’s purpose is to provide more opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to experience a sense of purpose and belonging within their self, their community, and their world through the act of creating and making.

When did we start? We opened our doors to this dream space in November 2018 and in December 2019 became an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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Create a community where children and adults have the resources to experience the benefits of creating in their own unique way in a welcoming environment.

Future Goals

Classes led by/for Men | Community Events | DIY Kits | Grants | Scholarships

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What We Offer Now

After School Programs

Art Education for Kids

Artist in Residence

  Birthday Parties

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Open Studio


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